Hurricane Hilary on path toward Southern California

Atlantic hurricane season officially begins What meteorologists are tracking as Atlantic hurricane season officially begins 06:37 A storm headed in the direction of Southern California has been upgraded to a hurricane, the National Hurricane Center said in a public advisory early Thursday morning. It is expected to bring heavy rainfall to parts of the state after … Read more

Hawaii pledges to protect Maui homeowners from predatory land grabs after wildfires: “Not going to allow it”

As the ongoing response to last week’s devastating wildfires ramps up on Maui, the Hawaiian governor has vowed again to work with government officials to prevent residents from falling prey to opportunistic and potentially predatory offers to buy their land. “My intention from start to finish is to make sure that no one is victimized … Read more

Paradise, California deploying warning sirens five years after historic, deadly wildfire

California residents driven from their homes by one of the deadliest wildfires in recent history had one request before they would rebuild in the small mountain town of Paradise: warning sirens to bolster town emergency systems that failed some people before the fast-moving inferno that killed 85. Town officials started testing the new sirens this … Read more

Sex abuse scandal at Northern California women’s prison spurs lawsuit vs. feds

Class action lawsuit filed over sexual abuse at FCI Dublin women’s prison Class action lawsuit filed over sexual abuse at FCI Dublin women’s prison 01:19 Survivors of sexual abuse by employees at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, in Northern California, have filed a class action lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons, saying enough … Read more

Congressional effort grows to strip funding from special counsel’s Trump prosecutions

Some of former President Donald Trump’s allies in Congress are jockeying to find a way to strip funding from special counsel Jack Smith’s prosecutions. In a series of new proposals, House Republicans are attempting to prohibit the use of federal money to pay for Smith’s investigation and criminal cases against Trump.   At least three … Read more

Rudy Giuliani’s former colleagues reflect on his path from law-and-order champion to RICO defendant: “A tragedy”

Waving his glasses in front of his face while recording his YouTube show on Tuesday, Rudy Giuliani taunted the prosecutor who had just charged him with racketeering. “You’re screwed, Fani. Giuliani got new glasses. Ha! And he’s like five times the lawyer … five times the lawyer you are? How can you? No. Well, you … Read more

Maui fire survivor “blindly headed” toward Lahaina blaze: “Fear and panic that I have never experienced before”

As the Maui wildfires were spreading, hotel manager Kawena Kahula said she “blindly headed” toward the town of Lahaina in a desperate search for her family. Without any cellphone reception, she wasn’t able to call her son at football practice or her husband, and she didn’t get any warnings from authorities that the fire was bearing … Read more

Family of pregnant mother of 3 fatally shot by police in Denver suburb sues

Family files lawsuit against Arvada Police Department after shooting death of pregnant woman Family files lawsuit against Arvada Police Department after shooting death of pregnant woman 02:19 Destinee Thompson was supposed to be on her way to lunch with her stepmother in August 2021 when Colorado police, mistaking her for a robbery suspect, fatally shot … Read more